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Forensic Art On-Site Training Programs


Basic to Advanced Composite Sketching Workshop

40-hour Program

Instructor Stephen Mancusi


Workshop Location:

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This workshop is designed to provide training through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises for the students. The workshop will speak to each artist's individual level of experience. This will dictate the topics that will be introduced to a specific student's requirements. The instructor's comments will be tailored to the desired outcome a particular assignment and the level of success expected from the student's skills. The drawing assignments will address specific concepts needed to conduct a successful composite sketching session with a victim or witness (see concepts listed below). These concepts and assignments become increasingly more demanding throughout the workshop. This classroom training format offers each student the challenges that they may require to develop foundational composite sketching skills or enhance the technique of a practicing forensic artist. This is a demanding workshop. The artist will be asked to draw many composite sketches throughout the course of the program. Any artist at any level will benefit from this training.

During this program, the three stage composite drawing technique will be fully demonstrated. The workshop will address how to utilize this technique during the interviewing and sketching of a composite session. This technique has been proven to be one of the most effective methods for developing a successful suspect sketch. Additionally, composite session strategies for interviewing and delineating solutions for descriptive terminologies will be explored. This will answer some perplexing composite session questions. Such as: How is a composite sketch started? How to decipher and illustrated the words of description? When to apply certain interview techniques? and How to know when a session is over?

Upon successfully completing the program, the student will receive a "Certificate of Accomplishment" documenting their participation. All workshop materials and handouts will be supplied in the workshop packet. The student will be required to purchase the specific art equipment listed on the bottom of the next page before the start of the program.

Concepts to be cover:

  • Guidelines for conducting a composite session
  • The union of interviewing and sketching techniques
  • The "Three Stage Composite Sketching Technique"
  • Recognizing and developing average and unique facial proportions
  • Understanding and developing basic and unique facial features
  • Rendering light on the contours of the face
  • Understanding "Feature Value Distinction"
  • Representing facial textures
  • Facial anatomy for artists
  • Interviewing techniques and strategies
  • Understanding witness/victim memory and perception
  • Use of facial references
  • Developing solutions to descriptive terminologies
  • Review of basic Forensic Art definitions

Additional topics that could be addressed:

  • Multiple Witness Composite Sessions
  • Pattern Cases
  • Deception Detection
  • Finding solutions for challenging suspect descriptions and difficult composite sessions
  • Studying racial distinctions
  • "Recognizing human facial variations (sex, age, race, ancestry, individuality, etc)

    Tuition cost: $850.00

    Tuition includes the 40 hour program and all workshop printed handouts/materials. Please contact Stephen Mancusi ( with any questions.

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Feel free to contact Stephen Mancusi with any questions you may have.




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